Welcome to Carsonby United Church!

What words characterize our church? Fun. Laughter. Tears shared. Openness to where the Holy Spirit leads. Rooted in faith and tradition. Loving in word and action. Welcoming to young and old. Supportive. Musical. Joyful in togetherness. We could go on. Together we are so much.

Looking more closely, we see that it is each person who makes us rich. Each of us is a treasure with individual life stories, gifts, talents, our unique ways of being with one another. With God’s love and guidance we form a rich tapestry of life that is meaningful and fulfilling both because of who we are and because we were created by God to live in community.

The United Church of Canada is a Protestant denomination within Christianity. We believe in God, who created everything and continues to create in the present. We believe God sent Jesus to us to heal and change us for good. We want to share the story of his life and teachings, how he died yet mysteriously overcame death and continues to touch hearts today.